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1- Museums of Mulhouse 2 - Mulhouse city 3 - Zoo , animals parks
4 - Others visit 5 - Tourist roads 6 - Atractions parks

Maps and details of local attractions are available from the campsiteshop.

1- Museums of Mulhouse


Mulhouse has the world's largest car museum!

This wonderful collection, built up by the Schlumpf brothers, consists of more than 600 motor vehicles and 90 well-known makes. A unique 20 000 mý display of cars to be discovered: Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Panhar, Levassor, ....

The Frensch Railway Museum

The museum has the largest collection of rolling stock in continental Europe. It recounts a century and a half of French railway history with around 100 steam locomotives, electric locomotives, railcars, luxurious carriages and wagons.

Electropolis: the Museum of Electrical Energy

The Museum Electropolis is the largest museum in Europe dedicated to electrical energy. With an exhibition area of 4000 m2, a futuristic architectural setting and a dynamic scenography, the Museum Electropolis displays objects and models, holds audio-visual projections and events which retrace the fascinating saga of electricity.Electropolis shows the way forward for a new generation of museums: it was conceived as a cultural and communications centre.Visitors can conduct experiments on electricity in all its many forms.

Activities and guided visits are scheduled throughout the day.

The town hall and his history museum


The Town Hall, built in 1553, is a Renaissance style building with a double staircase. Montaigne, who was in Mulhouse in 1580, described it as a 'magnificent, golden palace'.
The building is decorated with trompe l'œil paintings and allegories depicting vices and virtues. There are also coats of arms belonging to the Swiss cantons that Mulhouse had an alliance with up until it was reunified with France in 1798.

There could not be a better setting for the history museum than the former Town Hall. Dedicated to the history of Mulhouse from the 16th century to 1830, this former public building has some very fine 17th century painted ceilings.

The Museum of Fine Arts - "Villa Steinbach"

The museum of Fine Arts was founded in 1864 by Mulhouse's 'Société Industrielle' Association. The museum's permanent collection is comprised of works dating from the Middle Ages up to the present day. Temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists' work are held regularly. A selection of more than 800 original prints can be found in the museum's library, the 'Artothèque', situated on the ground floor.

The House of Ceramics

This renovated former tile works presents a complete range of comtemporary ceramics. Exhibited over an area of some 1200 square meters, we are able to see in detail the most significant trends in contemporary plastic expression. The house of Ceramics offers those who so desire an insight into the secrets of this art.

The Printed Fabrics Museum

This museum relates the history of printed cotton in Alsace and throughout the world. An exceptional collection of fabrics and machinery is on display. Between 1994 and 1996 the museum was entirely reorganised. The museum covers many different areas of importance in the printing field: decorative art, industry, techniques, fashion, local and social history. The exhibits are displayed in a clear and interesting manner. There is area for relaxing and a café. A selection of handkerchiefs, scarves, shawls and accessories based on items from the collection can be bought in the museum shop.

The Wallpaper Museum

This museum is housed in the former 18th century residence of the commander of the Knights of the Teutonic Order. Printing machinery is exhibited, as are 130 000 documents which provide an accurate account of the manufacturing of wallpaper from 1791 to the present day. An outstanding collection of block-printed scenic wallpaper is also on display

The fire brigade Museum

This museum, which is on the same site as the railway museum, relates the history of the fire brigade and of firemen, and the evolution of fire-fighting equipment through the ages.

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2 - Mulhouse city



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3 - Zoo , animals parks


The Zoological and Botanical Gardens were created in 1868 on the initiative of a group of philanthropic industrialists. Since then the town of Mulhouse has made them more attractive, modernised them and, above all, considerably enlarged them (the Gardens are ranked among the largest zoological parks in Europe, as they have a total surface area of over 25 hectares).

The Monkey Mountain


More than 200 Barbary Macaques living in a large forest of 20 ha. A pleasant walk through the home of the monkeys enables you a close-up insight into their every-day life. A fascinating experience for families, photographers and schools.

Stork Reintroduction &

Europea Otter reproduction center

A nice walk in a 5 ha laid out park where you will discover the secret life of storks, their nesting, the raising up of the little storks and their flights in the sky. Many aquatic birds and more than 150 storks.

Every afternoon, a unique show of its kind in Europe of fishing animals : cormorants, otters, penguins, sea-lion (500 covered seats). You can follow this show through the windows of a glass pond.

Discover the first otter reproduction center to have existed in France and a aquarium with more than 20 species of fish from all over Alsace.

The eagles'castle


Free flights for the biggest birds of prey : Eagles, Condors, etc... make a fantastic show inside the medieval castle of Kintzheim.


The live butterflies'garden

Take a walk through hundreds of free exotic butterflies. Admire the colourful ballet of both Asian and American buttterflies under the same roof. Discover the butterflies secret and fascinating life by taking a walk among a luxurious and varied flora.

The complete life cycle presented in an ecological environment.

Permanent orchid exhibition.


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4 - Others visit

The Ecomuseum of Alsace


Situated at the heart of the region of the potash mines Alsatian, 60 buildings which relate to the whole history of Alsace. The greatest open air museum in France, for a trip in time which you will never forget.

Because of the old workshops, the village lives. Lively shows every day from april to october.

Ecomusée d'Alsace is a complete feast and the most beautiful  old European merry-go-round is the jewel.

  Castle of the "Haut Koenigsbourg"

Dominating the Alsace plain, and home to the Hohenstaufen family in the 12th century and the Hapsburgs in the 15th century, the castle was rebuilt after 1479 to provide defences suitable for artillery. Demolished during the Thirty Years War, it was reconstructed at the beginning of the 20th century by Willem II of Hohenzollern. Collections of 15th and 17th century weapons and furniture.



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5 - Tourist roads

Wine route


From Thann to Marlenheim (110 kms) discover the wine route. Meet wine growers, taste wines and loose yourself in medieveal cities. Take time out to explore this beautiful area .

And of other tourist roads as the road of beer, tobacco or wood.

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6 - Atractions parks

Fun fair of Mulhouse

A large fun fair visits the expo park in Mulhouse in the last week of July and the first two weeks of August. Fun for all ages.


 The Storks Parks

The local stork park offers a day out with additional attractions for the children.



New: "Poseidon"
White water roller coaster between sky and sea


From a height of 24 meters you´ll dive into the mystical world
of Poseidon, the greek god of the seas. Experience the wandering of Odysseus in a complete new dimension.
Unique in Germany, this combination of a terrific roller coaster and lively fast-water track is a tingling pleasure for the entire family.

Cassandra´s curse

Forget about time and space! Roam through the myths of old greece without any notion of space and time and feel Cassandra´s curse upon yourself.

Radio SWR 1 - Globe Theatre

In cooperation with radio SWR 1, EUROPA PARK proudly presents "to be or not to be", given in the imitation of the famous "Globe Theatre". Experience excerpts of William Shakespeare´s masterpieces in a composition of show and live-performance. Up to 700 spectators on three galeries can enjoy "Shakespeare in the Park" during summertime in the theatre which Shakespeare lovingly used to call "my wooden O".

Hall of Entertainment - The labyrinth of the 100 Europeans

On a wandering path throughout Europe you´ll meet important personalities of the world of movies and television, culture and art, showbizz and sports. This project has been designed by the famous author and painter Tomi Ungerer.

Nivea-Childrenland now at Vikingland:

The Nivea-Childrenland with a water-playground and a lighthouse was placed beside the Vikingsland. Thus a real paradise for children has been created. Fun without boundaries and plenty of discoveries; more than the fulfillment of child dreams.

New adventures for the jungle raft:

A whole new scenery takes you to the phantastic kingdom of king Solomon and his wife. For all who have always wished to go on a discovery trip.

New fascinating international show programme:

Breathtaking shows performed by artists from all over the world offer unforgetable moments. Let yourself be transported in a world full of illusions, dances, acrobatics and exicetement. Experience the new varieté "Cirque d´Europe", the ice-skating show "Europe on Ice" and "The return of the Black Knight" in the spanish arena.

Over 150 special top-level events:

For the year of the jubilee we did not spare any effort! From live TV-shows, Musical evenings, top-class readings with Genscher or Kishon, our spectacular birthday-parties, to the Italian Fiesta, the Spanish Feria, the romantic castle-dinner, our fascinating balloon-festival or the bavarian Oktoberfest, etc. - evereybody will find something at his or her taste.

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