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Heimsbrunn is a village that has kept itís traditions

Away from the big towns and cities, Heimsbrunn is an authentie Alsacian village, faithful to ist roots and traditions, and with something of interest for all throughout the year.




A Village Walk

Around the campsite are numerous trails which pass though the forest. These are suitable for walking, jogging, and mountain biking.

A walk to the Chapel Notre Dame will take you by the 700 year old oak tree (St Louis, which is situated in the forest of Heimsbrunn).


"Feast of the Lentils"

The feast of the lentils takes place in the first week-end of September. It is organised by the villagers.It begins on Saturday evening with the tasting of the lentil soup which is prepared by 10 local cooks.

This is followed on Sunday by a local flea market and an exhibition of work by local artists which takes place in the Strauss house




  Alsacien Style